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About Alma School for Humanity

Why Alma School for Humanity Forum?

The school is a calling for the human spirit to recognize and fulfill its unique mission in Creation and dedicate it for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

The purpose of the Forum is to be a harmonious, fertile space where we can share, ask, communicate and enlighten each other about issues related to the course contents and their impact on our lives as we seek to fulfill our destined mission.

The Forum currently consists of one open group for the course “A New Human Being. A New World”. Once more courses at the school will become available, the forum will be divided into groups according to the levels of study in the school, where access to a certain group is only possible for students who study or have studied at the same level.

The Forum has general moderators and each group will have group moderators whose job it is to stimulate the communication and maintain a pure discourse and adherence to the forum rules.

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